Lower Your Blood Pressure with Chiropractic Care

High blood pressure is not an uncommon problem in today’s society. With all the stress and poor health choices, it’s no wonder that so many people are suffering from high blood pressure. But even those with impeccable health can experience this issue. It’s such a common problem that approximately 1 in 3 Americans have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. Sadly, blood pressure levels that are consistently high but not properly addressed can have lasting consequences or even lead to death. In fact, in 2014, it was reported that over 400,000 deaths were directly linked to high blood pressure. Don’t be a part of the negative statistics. Help lower your blood pressure through chiropractic care from a Des Moines chiropractor.


Can I Rely on Medications to Alleviate Hypertension?

When diagnosed with high blood pressure, many turn to medications to solve the problem. However, medications don’t always work. Even if they do, they can often cause unwanted side effects. The key to getting control of high blood pressure is to get to the underlying cause of it all. For many, this root issue may be directly related to spinal health. Surprising? Maybe, but spinal health plays such an important role in the overall health of the whole body that it is important to note. With the help of Urbandale chiropractor Dr. Shane Hoffman, you may be able to get to the root of the problem itself to finally find relief for hypertension.


The Link Between Chiropractic Care and Blood Pressure

Multiple studies conducted have shown that there is a link between high blood pressure and the atlas vertebrae, which is at the top of the spinal column. The atlas bone is located just below the brainstem and has a very important function in the body, including a prominent role in the cardiovascular system, and misalignments of the atlas vertebra can lead to high blood pressure. Because of its location, the atlas bone can affect blood flow, specifically of the arteries. If a spinal misalignment occurs, it can cause arteries to contract, or push against their walls, which will lead to higher blood pressure. Spinal examinations and adjustments by Dr. Shane Hoffman of Thrive Family Chiropractic can remove misalignments to restore blood flow, hence removing added pressure within the arteries and lowering blood pressure.


Chiropractic Case Studies

Evidence through multiple case studies supports the claim that chiropractic care can lower blood pressure, and Urbandale chiropractor Dr. Hoffman has seen these results in action. In fact, one case study performed in 2007 at the University of Chicago followed around 50 people with high blood pressure for 8 weeks. Some received chiropractic adjustments, while others received placebo adjustments. This case study showed that those who received chiropractic adjustments were able to lower their blood pressure by a full 17 points, which doctors say would take two medications to achieve.

You don’t have to just read about amazing results. You can experience them for yourself through regular chiropractic care. Contact Thrive Family Chiropractic to find out more about how chiropractic care can reduce your high blood pressure.



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